• Support in branding the company among the students
  • Affiliates’ name and logo will be displayed on IAP Web page
  • Affiliates may display the caption: “Member – Tel Aviv University Faculty of Engineering Industrial Affiliates Program “
  • Post job offers and announcements in the IAP bulletin board for direct access to students and faculty
  • Affiliates’ lectures and seminars in the faculty
  • Distribute e-mail announcements concerning recruitment days, prizes and scholarships, conferences and symposia


  • Free access to all faculty courses on the basis of availability, for all IAP members’ employees
  • Participating as guest lecturers in academic faculty courses
  • Influence academic courses and curriculum for the purpose of adjusting them to the industry needs
  • Arrange (non-credit) courses and workshops focusing on company needs, including participation in courses
  • Seminars by faculty members at the company’s site
  • Mentoring undergraduate students’ projects
  • Mentoring graduate students’ thesis and projects jointly with a faculty member

Involvment in Faculty Agenda

  • Direct contact with relevant faculty members to discuss research, students, curriculum, and any other topic relevant to the industry.
  • Affiliates present problems of interest to industry
  • Special forum on joint industry-academia issues
  • Faculty members will present their research and teaching plans
  • Feedback from Affiliates
  • Meetings with the Dean and relevant Faculty leaders

Industrial services

Companies that require access to University’s facilities and/ or its human resources may use the Industrial Services arm of RAMOT. Members gets 5% reduction in fees.


IAP enables its affiliate members the access to both soon-to-be-graduating and advanced students through various means. Recruitment Benefits totally free of charge:

  • Spotlight Days
  • Advertising job opportunities
  • Collaborate and host student projects including summer internships
  • Gain access to exceptional students for internship and job hiring
  • Hosting tech talk and seminars
  • Other students targeted networking events
  • Donate scholarships to students

Research & Development

Early access to latest Faculty innovations: Attend all Faculty colloquial Assistance in finding TAU partners for European Community (e.g. Horizon 2020) and Chief Scientist funds.

  • Attend monthly research group meetings
  • Present at faculty seminars, conferences and symposia
  • Participate in annual Industry-Academia IAP conference
  • Interact professionally with a large array of faculty researchers
  • Perform joint projects with faculty researchers, utilizing University research facilities and laboratories
  • Join the faculty in sponsored research projects. Collaborate and host students’ projects, including summer internships. Faculty Members and Research Fields.