Excellence in Education

  • High level research study programs: Large and excellent body of Master and Doctoral students
  • Best students in all degrees: High entrance requirements, better education
  • Innovative study programs emphasizing a system approach
    • Electrical Engineering – Computer Sciences – Cyber (in collaboration with the School of Computer Science)
    • Mechanical Engineering – Ocean Biotechnology (Engineering with applications for the Mediterranean Industry)
    • Electrical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
    • Bio-medical engineering – Brain Sciences (in collaboration with the Faculty of Life Sciences and Sagol School of Neuroscience)
    • Material Engineering – Chemistry (in collaboration with the School of Chemistry)

Excellence in Science and Industrial Application:

  • Winning major scientific grants
  • Scientific recognition: e.g., awards, citations…
  • Raising funds from prestigious capitals and leading industries
  • Patents and applications in industry

Strengthening cooperation with the industry:

  • Integrating Industry Lecturers into the courses
  • Industry mentoring of undergraduate and graduate projects
  • Leveraging industry impact on faculty agenda: cutting edge technologies and broader application horizons