About Us

  • IAP (Industrial Affiliates Program) is the bridge between the Faculty of Engineering and the Hi Tech industry. IAP was founded in order to support the continued dialogue with the industry by providing optimal platform for collaboration in various aspects such as: R&D, graduate and under graduate projects, student recruitment, industrial services, initiation of technology transfer processes (led by RAMOT), teaching in practical orientation, etc.
  • Being a Faculty of Engineering, our mission is to carry out a process of ongoing collaboration with the industry. Most of our graduate students will be recruited by industrial companies and a significant amount of our R&D outcome will be commercialized. Thus, it is essential to create intensive cooperation with the outer world, which will finally help us make the local Hi Tech industry stronger.
  • The main conclusion from this preliminary process is that every member of the IAP has slightly different needs and expectations and we make the efforts to adhere to these needs and expectations from our place. The list of advantages the IAP offers its affiliatesis presented below.